Development on tap
Development on tap
Empower, nurture, activate with Evolve, a unified talent dashboard to explore & shape careers, re-skill & upskill through personalized learnings, to keep your people stay future ready.
Harness the full potential of people by democratising your work ecosystem

Put decision making on careers and learning right where it belongs - with the employees

Get Headway’s recommendation engine to power your internal talent marketplace

Create open, transparent jobs and gigs market - a level playing field for employees

Promote internal gig economy, employees can co-opt to be part of gigs with different teams. Form quick SWAT teams for impact

Smart render best fit jobs to employees

Build new competencies with potential-fits

Unlock people potential. Nurture, activate their strengths and expertise, and continuously enable them to play a winning hand.

Make it possible for people to discover career paths that they didn’t realise were open to them before

Career modeler to help shape career journeys around strengths, interests & purposes

Self directed discovery & proficiency meter

Build and foster a habit of learning in the organisation with a personalised learning system

Tailored, bite-size learnings contextually linked to employee, skill fit:gap analysis & mapped to employee’s learning style & pace

Employee upskilling & reskilling intelligence & indices

Accelerated learning by connecting with the human library - a contextually curated group of people, communities, mentors & experts across various disciplines, interests & passion

Give your employees a high octane career experience, a personal brand equity & celebrate their success


An employee success framework linking real-time feedback system, personalized coaching, wellness, daily learning

Reflection - module designed to self-reflect, measure & improve

Perform enables real-time quality dialogues to promote a performance culture


Gratification cycle makes employees connected with the company

Reward program, instant gratification & appreciation peps employee morale


Employee experience analytics

i-Bot pulse checks people engagement contextually

Gauge employee wellness level of the organisation

Coaches, Counselors, Mentors will engage with employees as per need and help them step-up